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tv   KCCI 8 News Close Up  Me-TV  October 25, 2015 10:30am-11:00am CDT

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of the things they promised they would do. all they are worried about is who will be the speaker. >> hear his plan for washington and how he hopes to bring both sides of the aisle together. plus -- >> he see mike a pretty nice guy. >> will thank you. >> the chris christie image. why he says the iowa caucus process is the best way for voters to get to know him. that is all coming up right now on the news close-up. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news close-up. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] steve: thank you for joining us. upon numbers for the public race for president in iowa are changing. ben carson is at the top of the pack with 28%.
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support has slipped to 20% and marco rubio has slid to the third at 13%. now pulling her the bottom, bobby jindal, my case it -- k-6, and chris christie is waiting for what he believes will be a surge here in iowa. he has been to the state plenty of times and promises before caucus day he will be very familiar with iowa voters. chris christie has support from big-name iowa republican party donors and says he will spend a lot more time in the state in weeks to come. the chief political reporter introduces us to the man from new jersey. >> i see wind power all over the state. it makes sense. >> the new jersey governor says he is back to embrace iowa now that a number of money donors are embracing him, including a
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business millionaire, real estate developers. mr. christie: these folks standing with me today have been a part of some of the most successful republican campaigns in iowa history. does this mean i am part of the branston wing of the iowa republican party? if by that you mean the linning part, yes i am. he has never lost an election in the state and if i am part of it, i am proud to be part of the linning wing of the republican party in iowa. >> he tells his record as a governor say he vetoed more tax increases than any governor in history and his ability to work across party lines. in his six years, he has a reputation of a fair prosecutor, and is known for his direct blunt talk. mr. christie: i do not think anybody who knowingly came here illegally should become a citizen.
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[applause] i think american citizenship, american citizenship is an enormous gift. classy claims he was not personally linked to the decisions made by his staff. the father of four who lost 100 pounds after surgery is optimistic. mr. christie: i will work hard and term people around and is time for me to make my case. that is my job and we will see how we do. >> late last week, governor christie took time to sit down with me in the political reporter to talk about a wide range of issues, most importantly how he can dig out of a double-digit hole. good morning and welcome. first question. you are pulling at 1% in the iowa caucus. how do you change that around?
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from the iowa caucus. what we know from four years ago is caucus voters do not decide until late. you see in the last month. you get out there and work. sharing our campaign here, we are looking forward to being out here a lot. i will be back next weekend. we are looking forward to moving those polls. >> he spent more time in new hampshire then iowa. probably because it is closer to home. will you change that now that we get close to the caucus? mr. christie: yes. you will probably see us here at least every other week and probably more frequently than that. when you are the sitting governor of new jersey and you have a day job, the trip is about 45 minutes by flight, a little shorter than iowa. we are engaged in a great place here. we will work hard over the next
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>> donald trump is still pulling at 20. what is your reaction? >> it is a reaction to both of them. folks other -- folks are angry. the republican congress has not in anything they planned to do. i think voters are saying we want somebody to get something done. right now, as we get closer, what they will say is, let's look at somebody who is not a part of washington but could get something done. that is when we will see us move in iowa. >> how do you change the political climate in a highly fragmented party? how do you bring them together? mr. christie: winning helps. everybody wants you to be --
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wants to be your friend when you win. i go with this in new jersey and ahead democratic legislatures. every minute of my six years as governor. you need to develop personal relationships with folks on both sides of the aisle. that is what the executive needs to do uniquely pyramid is a lot of work. i have done it where we have been able to get things done with a democratic legislature, conservative things like pensions and benefits, cutting spending on the payroll. we have been able to do that but it is a lot of hard work and i do not think the president of the hard work in. when i am president, that is what i will do. >> hillary clinton said republicans are the enemy or you do not think democrats are the enemy question mark mr. christie: that is not the uniter you want to bring to washington dc. the enemy is isis and al qaeda. the enemy is iran. the enemy is not democrats.
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people sent them to congress. my obligation is to work with people who the people have sent. that is what i will do as president. >> still to come, chris christie and when it comes to democratic politics, why chris christie says it is hillary's world and the rest are just living in it and hoping for a piece of the pie.
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was a scene almost 3 years ago to the day.. when president obama visited the jersey coast >> this is the scene one president obama visited the coast when hurricane sandy devastated the state. some on the republican side called it a presidential photo op. said new jersey governor chris christie was too nice, with some going as far as saying he was used by the president. chris christie dismissed the critics and said he respected chris christie and was glad president obama was there to help. >> you took some heat with the friendly photo ops from the president with some conservatives in the party.
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>> i treated him with respect when he came to look at our state. 75% of the state had no power. my job as governor, you all remember me being here a lot for governor romney when he was coming. when the second worst natural disaster in american history hits your state, you treat everyone wants to help you with respect. i shook the president's. when he did good things, i said they were good. i will never back off from that because my job is to be governor. i took oath of office, not oath of party or you have to serve your state. that is what people of i would expect the governor to do if it hit the state and that is what you do when you are governor. >> you have -- would have made the main stage according to what i'm reading. what kind of affect do they have
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frustrated with the way they have been run, with people not getting a lot of time to talk? mr. christie: if you are in a debate and you do not get most of the time to talk and you are a two-term governor, of course you get frustrated but i understand the situation. they have a lot of candidates. great reviews in both states and i think that has a huge effect. when you have 25 million people watching at one time, that is the most he will have listening to you even if you are only speaking for 10 minutes out of three hours. i have no frustrations. my job is to go and put my best foot forward. >> democrats worth pretty smug about the tone of it in a more positive interactions compared to what they saw on the republican state. is that a concern? >> there is no competition on the democratic side. you have bernie sanders who looked like he was auditioning
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for vice president. and others looked like they were auditioning for the cabinet. if no one will compete, the tone will be wonderful. as biden is not running, we know that's what it is. the debates will be more seminars. >> speaking of tone, as i sit talking to you, you see my gut nice guy. mr. christie: well thank you. >> but you are made out to be a tough guy, maybe overbearing. mr. christie: what you do it is to come out here and be yourself and people get to know you. the thing that is great is you get to know people one-on-one and talk to folks. that is the most important thing. everyone will have a certain perception of someone who has been in the national eye as long as i have in. here to iowa in 2010 to help the
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election in 2010, i'd than watching for a long time. you need to come out. it is much different than when you come out and campaign for some rails. they will get to know me over the course of the next hundred days even better. i think they understand i have more than one club in the back there there is not just a driver but a putter and it pitching wedge. i could not have done what i had done in new jersey if i did not have the ability with the democrat majority legislature. >> there is plenty of video of you taking reporters to task. is that presidential, that kind of -- mr. christie: i think being candid with folks is presidential. they will know me. they will know exactly how i feel and what i think. i think that is what they should do. if the reporter asked me a question i do not think is good,
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if someone stands up and yells and screams and protests in the middle of the speech mine, i will engage that person. i think that is what people want. they will watch me over the course of my entire career and no i'm somebody who tells it like it is the rhyming when i say and i say what i mean i think it is what the american people want it when you see the folks higher in the polls, they share that trait with me. >> governor christie talks about iowa's first in the nation status and whether we should be allowed to keep that role in the presidential politics.
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christie has a >> right now, chris christie always called it the way he sees it, but so far, his dial is overshadowed by a brash and straight coming -- straight talking political newcomer. during our interview, chris christie talk about donald trump's drop in the polls and how he could i spirit we also got personal with the hopeful, asking how a jersey boy grows up to be a dallas cowboys fan. >> rants previous thought it may be better if the country had a series of regional primaries to nominate its party leaders instead of iowa, new hampshire, etc.
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mr. christie: it is a bad idea. what i would allow any candidate to do is get on the ground and spend time and meet people. it is not a game of how much money you have raised or how many endorsements you have. it is getting to know people individually and sometimes multiple times. it is a great process and it yielded good candidates and i do not think there should be any change. >> what people say they like about donald trump is that he is a truth teller. they say the same thing about you. donald trump is falling in the polls. does that leave a niche for you? mr. christie: this is what alice trying to say before or there is telling it like it is and then having the ability to get things done. i think you need both. if you only have one and then
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you do not get anything done, people will become frustrated quickly. what i have done in new jersey is give it straight to people and also touchdowns in the end zone. that is what you need to do as an elected official. folks want to see you accomplish something. as downfalls in the polls, that will leave an opportunity and i am one of them. >> you are a dallas cowboys fan. you have two's that play in metal and spirit what is up with that? mr. christie: iphone love with roger stall back and i have been a dallas cowboys fan ever since i was nine years old. i do not change my sports teams. some people in the race or cubs found -- cubs fans. i do not think that is the way you do things. if you are a fan, you are a fan. i do not think it determines how folks in new jersey vote because i have done well. steve: has not gone up in four years, what is your plan? mr. christie: symbol fight a tax system.
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get rid of all of the loopholes and deductions except for two, more just -- mortgage interest deduction and contribution deductions. 20% on the high rate and 8% on the low rate. do your taxes in 15 minutes and that will allow us all to fire a bunch of irs agents, and secondly, get the government out of regulating. $10,000 per employee for a small business to compile a federal regulation. the third thing we need to do is make sure we are putting the education system together with the business community. a lot of jobs out there need to be filled that we are not training people to fill. we need community colleges to work closely with businesses in every state to get the right kind of training. when those jobs are not being filled, he continues to stagnate our economy.
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have you -- you have not laid out specifically all of those exemptions. mr. christie: only two will remain. deduction and charitable contributions -- appear the rest of them go. those are the ones the middle-class taxpayers really use. they want that interest reduction to help it be easier for them to buy and keep their home. they want to support the charities in their community and foes get to decide for themselves which charity -- >> if you give task is to people , republicans liked is a create jobs, people are skeptical that comes down to the middle-class and people just trying to make ends meet. mr. christie: that is not what
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you take away the seductions, the ones who have -- deductions, the ones who have accounts, right now, rate for the rich. i'm saying, if you are -- home mortgage interest, you will pay more in taxes. if you are middle-class, you'll pay less than before. between eight and 12% based on what they are paying now. our plan is specifically geared toward helping the middle-class in the country and folks making a little more have to pay a little more, that is the way goes. everyone will know it is fair for everyone. everyone has the same roles apply. it is not raising taxes. it is re-apportioning who is paying. middle-class taxpayers will pay less. overall will not be different. >> coming up, chris christie takes on hillary clinton.
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i've she says her style of big
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welcome back... it's been more than 4 days since the chicago steve: it has been more than four days since the chicago cubs world series dreams were shattered by the mets. chris christie has been a longtime mets fan. as you are about to see, he is making sure not to rub cubs fans the wrong way. >> medicare should be able to negotiate prescription drug prices are right now, the federal government cannot negotiate prescription prices of medicare. mr. christie: what mrs. clinton is really calling for his price controls on prescription drugs, which i do not agree with what we want our pharmaceutical companies to continue to invest in research and development
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which is extraordinary expensive. they need to be a lome money back and if they do not come we will not get the next cures and treatments we need. collect she is going too far vice a marketing money should be looked into research and development? mr. christie: she wants to be ceo of every pharmaceutical company. she is and extort a woman but i do not think she could do that all it wants to should let the ceos and the shareholders make those decisions. not have the government -- this is the difference between a spiritual is the government to make every decision. that is a perfect example. i believe the american people should make that distinction. steve: how about new york mets? mr. christie: when i talk about cubs fans, i has some of these because as mets fans, we lose a lot. the winning is completely disorienting. it is a good time for the mets and we will celebrate it while we can.
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i will try to go the world series. the home games will be a time when i'm out here in iowa next week and pyramid not be able to make many of them are i'm hoping to make one. steve: thank you very much p are great to see you. if it were only the cubs going to the world series, we would have had a lot more to talk about. there is always next year. that is what the cubs fans always say. if you want to see the interview with the new jersey governor again, there is always the web here go to our website. to enjoy the entire interview. next week, democrat and the former maryland governor martin o'malley. we hope you can join us and thank you for joining us this
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